Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why elect Hamas?

That is a question that is bouncing around a few fertile minds around the world right now.

I would even say that the liberal elites who scoffed at the notion of democracy in the Middle East as being proven right by this incident if I did not know how those same liberal elites with Soviet Union and other Arab countries assistance brought this turn of events about.

Do I hear a gasp of shock? And someone saying 'Say it aint so Joe.' All one has to do is look at the history of the displaced Arabs from the UN resolution that orignally created two states in the British protectorate of Palestine. When the nascent country of Israel beat back the unilateral attack by Arab forces, many Arabs, who had been born in the protectorate, found themselves homeless for supporting a war of aggression.

One has to zero in on one central fact of the past 58 years, why have Palestinian refugee camps existed for so long? After Eastern Europe fell to Soviet forces, did the UN create refugee camps for them to live in forever? No. The people were settled in other parts of Europe or across the globe. When the South VietNamese fled after the fall of Saigon were permanent refugee camps created? Again the answer is no, people spent years in those camps but the camps closed down as the refugees became citizens in such countries as Australia and the United States.

In the case of the displaced Arabs after the 1948 War for Independence why were they allowed to stay in refugee camps? I think at first it was because people at the UN and other places did hope things could be negotiated for the refugees to get their land back. But then France, UK, and Israel attacked Egypt to regain the Suez Canal but the United States intervened and the new status quo was restored. All the while the Arabs sat in refugee camps or mixed uneasily in other Arab countries, seemingly with a taint for losing. The end of any chance for assimilation came when King Hussein of Jordan thwarted a coup attempt and threw Yassir Arafat's PLO out of the country I think. From that day on the Arabs were truly refugees welcomed nowhere and forever labeled as Palestinians.

But what besides this perceived taint kept them refugees? Could it be that as victims they could earn some hard cash from guilty Western countries to turn into weapons to attack Israel? Maybe the UN needed to keep its refugee bureacracy afloat by keeping these people refugees? Or was it accidental this turn from being refugee camps to being indoctrination camps of hatred? I am not sure of the cause but the result was the creation of camps where all that was taught were two things: the Israelis stole everything with the Arabs being blameless and the only way to get it back was to kill any Israeli by any means.

The Western countries did not promote a more moderate view during these long decades. In fact some seemed to encourage even more violence. The USSR became the primary supplier of arms to countries like Syria and Egypt while every Arab easily forgot it was the Soviets that helped the Israeli's defend themselves in the early years, same went for France who saw their oil supply being threatened so switched from selling Mirage jets to Israel to selling them to Arab countries. Though low points were yet to come. The most egreraious being the leader of the PLO, a terrorist organisation responsible for killing many Israelis, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. But by Western nations treating Yassir Arafat as the nominal leader of all Palestinians it forced Israel to treat him as such also and try to negotiate. All it got was intifadas, more deaths, and more meetings on a mythical roadmap for peace.

So now we come this turn of events. With Israel giving land to the displaced Palestinians and the long awaited demise of Yassir Arafat, it was hoped that a corner had been turned. Alas the illegitame child of hatred and neglect has claimed power while Jimmy Carter ceritified everything was on the up and up even as the winning party - that is a hard thing to conjugate together to equate a terrorist organisation like Hamas with being a political party, even the IRA had a completly seperate political arm with no links to the killings - Hamas has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. And obviously a majority of the now third generation refugees agree with Hamas.

Things are going to get bloody and it will be because some in the West believed a terrorist could become a statesman while the Soviets cynically supplied arms to the Arabs to fight a proxy war against the United States and the UN did nothing except prop up the refugee camps.


Anonymous said...

Could the reason that the neighboring Arab states didn't assimilate the Palestinians is that these people were being used as a convenient thorn in Israel's side. Israel could be attacked again and again and the neighboring Arabs could say that THEIR hands were clean of blood?

As I have read in other blogs, having Hamas win, now relegates them into "country" status. So if Israel is attacked, they can strike back in full force since thety are now being attacked by a "country" and not a terrorist group.

Either way, yes, I, with you, think that bloody times are coming


Anna said...

Oh I agree, the other countries used the displaced Arabs as cats-paws while the USSR used those countries as cats-paws. I wonder how it feels to know your entire 'national' identity is because you are a convenient second-rate cats-paw?

Yep Hamas now leads a 'country' that if they tick off the Israelis enough with a heinous enough atrocity, it will become their burial plot.