Thursday, January 26, 2006

What a week for elections

On Monday the Canadian voters exercised outstanding common sense by sending the corrupt Liberals packing off to the wilderness and giving very short reins to Stephen Harper and the CPC. As one CPC MP put it in some very positive spin probably based in truth, "The voters are not sure of the CPC but decided to give us a test drive." So expect Canada to carefully inch its way from the precipice that twelve years of Liberal rule had driven it to but hopefully without any excess.

Alas the same can not be said for the Palestinian Authorty and its elections. Where the Canadians chose a path of moderation in electing a minority CPC government, the Palestinians have chosen extremism by electing the terrorist group Hamas to Parliament with at least 70 seats. So expect the violence to ramp up in Israel as Hamas drives the PA off the cliff while making Yassir Arafat's Fatah party look like tea-totalers.


Anonymous said...

Yes Anna, but the Palestinian elections were supremely more important and fair..........they had Jimmmmmmy Carter observing. Now can anyone explain why when ever any dictator or terrorist group is elected, Jimmmmmmy Carter is always there observing and heaping praise on their election process while condemning the election of Bush?


Anna said...

Even the Rickover Charm School for Nucs produces a few lemons?

I have to wonder if that last year in office as he allowed himself and the US to be turned into laughing stocks caused him to snap and turn from the affable peanut farmer into someone who refused to take responsibility for his grave errors and instead blames all of America for his abject failure as President? And so will do anything he can to humble those who humilated him. What a petty little man if that is true.