Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More thoughts on that vampire show

Well maybe this will be my last post in regards to Halloween, superstition, and monsters. We shall see.

I realize I skipped over some ideas that bear on previous post. For Lady CG I have to wonder if she ever did have any sort of medical tests performed. Some people due to their very fair complexion, burn very easily in the sun; could this be her sensitivity? Or does it refer to her eyes being more sensitive, once again there are people who are not vampires who have very sensitive eyes. And perhaps if Lady CG had some blood work done, perhaps could find out if she is anemic. So there are many scientific avenues for her to pursue to find out about her unique traits without lapsing into a belief that she is a vampire.

-----Last minute 'doh!' moment about Lady CG.-----
She talks about how she home butchers animals so she can have the proper food. An image popped to mind of some PETA people showing up in front of Lady CG's house with signs reading 'Save the bunnies, suck a human!' I would doubt it could happen, but we are talking human beings and PETA so it could happen.

As for our psychic vampire, because of who her partner is the Rakashians spring more to mind than European incubi/succubi though there is a minority voice that says an incubus is just a different side of the same demon that appears as a succubus. But even that falters since all she showed to the cameras is a pose more reminiscent of a spiritual healer than soul drinker, but her partner says she feels a chill after a feeding which is the opposite of a healing in which the healer uses their own chi/life force to help the patient regain their health by either directly healing the infirmity or perhaps helping the infirm person properly align their seven chakra points so the healing can happen that way.

A vampire is the walking dead that desperately needs blood, literally the body's life force, from the living to keep up its imitation life. Failing to acquire sufficient blood, the vampire decays. A vampire is a feeder off the living, a parasite. A vampire creates nothing but destroys many things. I really fail to see the appeal of being a vampire, except perhaps the false image given vampires by Anne Rice in which the vampire is an exotic being with sensual powers. But her vampires are built on more the Hollywood image of vampires than what the folklore describes. Think Frank Langela as Dracula and we get Tom Cruise as a vampire.

Final thought. In the A&E show they talk about a comic character, Vampirella. They are talking about how powerful she is and she is fighting for the good guys. Well with Vampirella, there are several origins for her. When she first hit the supermarket bookshelves, Vampirella was an alien from a planet where blood flowed in the place of water so naturally Vampirella drank blood. In a more current re-invention of Vampirella, she is Lilith's last child and Lilith's attempt to make amends for all of her other children. Vampirella is tasked with defeating these other vampires because Lilith seeks redemption with the Almighty and that can only happen once her evil children are overcome. Gee, another tie in to Lilith; wow.

And with that I will end this post.

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