Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A unique APB

I can't seem to leave Halloween alone and neither it seems can one bank robber.

Just when we thought that splash of water had signaled the end of the Wicked Witch, well hold onto your bloomers folks. She has staged a comeback in Lacey, Washington when she went into a bank, and handed a teller a note that demanded money. But she has obviously gone trendy and updated her wardrobe, no more basic black for this Wicked Witch, this time she wore purple and a blonde wig. Upon flight, one dye pack exploded causing her to drop her ill-gotten gains and hat.

I wonder if the APB went something like this: "Be on the lookout for a blonde woman in a purple witch outfit. Last seen fleeing covered in dye." How many police just looked at each other in their patrol cars and went, 'what next?'

Well after botching the first attempt our coniving thief held up a bank in Olympia. This time she was without her witch attire. I just had a thought, I hope that costume was not a rental. Try to explain dye pack to them, there would be a quick call to the police I think which would result in this wicked witch safely behind bars before next weekend's football games.


The MaryHunter said...

LOL, the spooky holiday does bring a certain looniness out in us all (or at least some of us).

Anna said...

Which brings to mind that adage of how fine a line it is between genius and lunacy. (: