Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Protesting in an echo chamber

Michelle Malkin calls this the Bush Derangement Parade. But the organizers called it World Can't Wait, supposedly a nationwide protest to drive the Bush regime out of office. I am looking at their web-site which calls for this protest and I am amazed at all their justifications for driving President Bush from office. By changing just one word from Christian to Islamic, one would have a perfect description of the Iranian Islamic Republic. Well there is one more difference, if the people had protested the Iranian government in downtown Tehran, they would have been arrested and many executed. Here, most people ignored them.

Then I started to look at the names/organizations attached to this missive. Like Aimee Allison, conscientious objector from Gulf War I; strange it is back in 1990 Aimee Allison was the student body president of Stanford University. Another one is Jane Fonda, do I need to dig up that picture of her straddling that NVA gun again? Or Ed Asner who has been protesting Republican presidents since Reagan helped the Contras stop the spread of cancerous communism in Nicaragua. It is probably an 'honorary mention, but there is Mumia Abu-Jamal who was convicted by a jury of murdering Danny Faulkner but has become the Far Left's Patron Saint of the Oppressed. Or Elombe Brath - Patrice Lumumba Coalition, lets forget there used to be a university near Moscow named after the former communist leader of Democratic Republic of Congo and it is easy to forget since the university is now named Friendships of the People. Or Che Cafe, where I bet they serve murder and torture with your espresso just so you get that correct Che feel. Or Jose Padilla the dirty bomb suspect, he is listed also. Oh my there is Cindy Sheehan, the woman who camped out at Crawford demanding to meet President Bush for a second time; hey did she actually tie herself to the White House fence last week after the 2000th casualty? There is also CodePINK, who last year gave the Ba'athist terrorists in Iraq money to fight the US occupation. Or Camilo Mejia, who after voluntarily joining the Florida Army National Guard, after serving in the US Army, and doing one tour in Iraq suddenly decided to run away so he would not do another tour and leaving the squad that depended upon him for leadership adrift; the US military took a dim view and convicted Mejia to serve one year and get a Bad Conduct Discharge. And that is just a few who caught my attention, wonder about the others.

This protest had so many people of such high moral calibre involved, it really takes one's breath away. Right. I remember that adage, you are known by your associates and with associates like this I would be calling the Feds to enter the Witness Protection Program to get a fresh start.

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