Friday, July 15, 2005

Plame Madness

Lawyer named Sanford on the Fox News Grapevine was talking about the law Democrats are screaming Karl Rove violated to expose Ms. Valerie Plame.

It seems, to be defined as a covert agent under this statue; a person must have been covert overseas in the past five years. Ms. Valerie Plame's last overseas assignement for the CIA happened before 1998.

So it seems those shrieking the loudest like Joe Wilson and Sen. Schumer are trying to mis-apply the law for political gain. Color me surprised, not.


Anonymous said...

shut up you dumb bitch

Anna said...

Zounds what erudiation from the stinking sewers.

RightWingRocker said...

Yeah, Anna ...

Of course this post does beg the question ...

Since when do the Donks let a little detail like THE LAW get in the way of their ambitions?

As for "Anonymous", I'd be careful about coming around to a conservative blog and saying things like that. We on the right are quite astute at burying arguments on substance. How do you figure we will have a problem burying something as simple as a personal smear?

Oh, and by the way, "Anonymous", there is something called the First Amendment in this country. If you don't want to read what Anna has to say, simply don't read her blog. Her right to post it is protected by the First Amendment, so if anyone around here needs to shut up, it's YOU with your stupid belittling remarks.

I guess you can't handle it when someone debunks your position? Just how much does it make your blood boil to have someone completely decimate your position on an issue in a mere three paragraphs?

I am so enjoying watching you guys go down. Your socialism and your goofy leaders will be the end of your madness before long, and I am just loving every minute of it.

The Founding Fathers would be proud.