Thursday, July 14, 2005

File this under humor

Thanks are due to a certain bubblehead on my link list for this post.

After reading this, all I can do is hear Sen. Feinstein shrilly screaming, "You sank my battleship!!!!!" while rolling on the floor laughing.

The city of San Francisco, staying true to its leftist ideological leanings, has voted to oppose Sen. Feinstein's attempt to berth USS Iowa in San Francisco Bay as a museum. I can understand the military veterans point of view that is this a poke in the eye for it is, the San Francisco apparatchiks are voting the party line that the American military is inherently evil and they shall not sully their saffron robes by allowing a *gasp* battleship to be permanently berthed in their fair city because why it would mean they are pandering to that evil military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned them about. The irony is just too thick for me to do justice to it.


Bubblehead said...

Why, you're welcome! (I assume you meant me...)

Anna said...

Yep, did mean you! :)