Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Plame Madness

In answer to a certain anonymous coward who called me a female dog and thought to silence me, I offer this to you in rebuttal.

In case you can not parse a 40 page legal brief, let me summarize for you. This March 2005 Friends of the Court motion as submitted by ABC, Associated Press, Bloomberg, and others makes an interesting assertion. Miller, Cooper, and Time Inc. can not be charged with any crimes since Ms. Valerie Plame’s name had been compromised already in an article published two weeks prior to Novak’s article. And if Miller, Cooper, and Time Inc. can not be charged then neither can Karl Rove be charged.

Or does the anonymous coward fail to understand this train of reasoning? If you do fail to parse this, that is your problem.

To RightWingRocker thanks for coming to my defense. I look forward to your Ted Kennedy post along with your ruminations on how the U.S. Constitution has been abridged by socialists.

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RightWingRocker said...

Eh ...

The Kennedy post turned out to be a link index. I have had a lot to do and getting it done by today just didn't happen. Of course a lot of the links are good!

The Constitution post should be better, as I am doing a lot of research. The problem I'm having is that the main source I'm using is basically a slam-dunk in itself, so it may turn out to be a "book report"...

In any case, it will be easy to expose the Left's penchant for judicial activism and usurpation of the Constitution.