Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Court nominee fight

President Bush has nominated a man from the DC Circuit to be his pick. I wish good luck to John Roberts and steady nerves because it seems he will need it. Though voted to the DC Circuit 97 to 3 by the US Senate and with bi-partisan support from 150 prominent DC lawyers; Schumer, Durbin, and others are vowing to ask him many questions. Schumer brings up John Roberts' refusal in earlier confirmation hearings to answer some questions and vows he will ask those questions again.

I find it interesting that when Ruth Bader Ginsberg was brought before the Senate she told the Senators she would not answer questions in relation to cases that could appear before the Supreme Court. The Republicans, lead by Sen. Orrin Hatch, stayed honorable and did not press Ginsberg when she did refuse to answer some questions; so Ginsberg got to sit on the Supreme Court without answering some questions. Now can you see the hypocrisy of the Democrats' stance in regards to John Roberts, they want him to answer questions until they are satisfied; in violation of the Ginsberg Rule.

Dear Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin, simple majority votes are needed to bring Roberts' nomination to the floor of the Senate and again a simple majority vote by the Senate can confirm Roberts. Throw your temper tantrums and show how much a poor loser you, go ahead let America and your voters see how sorry you are.

P.S. Schumer and Kennedy were two of the three who voted against Roberts in 2003 for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. If one is known by one's enemies, I think John Roberts is a pretty good choice.

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