Friday, April 15, 2005

A movie to own

I rarely say that about any movie since movies are entertainment. But sometimes a movie comes along that has something to say that can not be ignored. Fritz Lang's Metropolis or Stanley Kubrick's 2001 easily pop to mind. For war movies there is Tora Tora Tora or Das Boot.

Then there is this movie:The Beast of War. Caught the last thirty minutes on the Encore Drama Channel and was transported back to when I first saw it. If you want to know everything that went wrong in Afganistan for the Soviets, watch this movie. If you care to find out about the Mujahadeem and the Afgani people, watch this movie. This is a brutal up close and personal movie as a lost and trapped Soviet T-62 is hunted by the Mujahadeem. In each of the Soviet characters you see a facet of the whole Soviet fiasco from the fatalistic and brutal tank commander to the soldier driven to the other side by his commander's actions. On the Mujahadeem side you see the intense loyalty between individuals along with the fractious nature of these people. Though in the end, the most brutal killers will come as a surprise.

Go get this movie and toss Red Dawn back in the bargain bin.

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