Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Fifth Column speaks

From the article:
It is conceivable that, in another four years, Hillary Clinton or some other
vaguely palatable Democrat will paint the White House blue and put the French
back into French fries. But it will take a long time to undo the damage the
neo-cons have done to the United States’ standing in the world—and the damage
America has done to the world. By all means hang in there for Hillary. As for
me, I’m with the 34 percent of Americans rooting for Team Europe.

Everything President Bush has done to liberate 25 million people and promote democracy is wrong. But I am not sure if this guy likes America at all considering his faint praise of Hillary Clinton as vaguely palatable. Of course that last sentence is a doozy in which he supports an America beholden to what Europe says. I have one thing to say to this pizdi, move to Europe and stay there.

I am with the South Korean friend who said: Europeans no longer believe in anything, she complained—not like the Americans, who have the oomph and the moral clarity to “get the job done.”

For the do-nothings like the writer who are the true wastrels on the body of Gaia; to have someone whom you despise actually do the things you talk about doing must be pretty galling. So the do-nothings lash out in fury castigating those they despise for doing the morally right thing by ascribing to the do-something all the immoral things the do-nothings have been doing, like turning a blind eye to evil and oppression while their heroes take money from murdering dictators.

That is the state of the Left end of the political spectrum in modern times; defender of the status quo. Defender of oppression and mass murder. Defender of corruption. Defender of selfishness. Defender of State control. But never the defender of inalienable human rights or freedom because it is not in their interest to promote such since it calls upon other human beings to make sacrifices, to care for their fellow human beings to such an extent that these people are willing to die to help those less well off. In fact the Left has become the defender of everything that is base in the human animal while trying to dress it all up as being respectful of others and multi-lateralism; all catch words for lets do nothing and tell the gullible people we are doing it because we respect these other people's culture[nevermind this culture is busily killing each other or starving each other or other evil acts]. The Left can say these nice things about themselves, patting themselves on the back for being oh so right, and never have to endanger their pampered selves to actually help another human being. Wastrels, parasites, nattering nabobs; all fall miserably short of accurately describing the dearth of moral character these people represent.

Dang did this article tick me off. Heh, spell checker wanted to replace nattering with neutering, that sums up the Lefts intentions in regards to the US far better than I could in my screed. Maybe I should stop writing and let the spell checker write for me. :)

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