Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How Lord of the Flies is taught now

There is a book called Lord of the Flies. In it, a group of young children are stranded on a remote island with no adults. In the quest for survival, they revert to a very brutal tribal organisation.

It is a very sobering book on how thin the veneer of civilisation can be. Especially for the young who are still trying to learn the rules.

Well in modern times it seems the book is still germane and being taught. Though not in a way the author probably envisioned. Why do I say this? Please read this article. It is very shocking.

In this story we have adults present but they might as well have been absent just as in the book. For they did nothing until it was over and then what did they do, tried to cover it up to save their own worthless stinking hides. I am very angry in regards to this atrocity. What are adults for in a high school except to teach and ensure discipline, to set an example for the students. Ah but there is the rub, school personnel are fearful of actually administering corrective actions for they might be sued for doing it. So the schools turn into islands of wild children and education does not happen. Screw the sensibilities of the trouble-makers, they are the ones who should be disciplined because they are disruptive to the learning environment and denying their classmates a chance at an education.

In my very ticked off opinion here what needs to happen. The school principle needs to be drawn&quartered for allowing her school to get out of control. The assistant principle needs to be flogged for trying to cover things up. And as for the four suspected perpetrators, once proven[ which should be a snap since the rapists taped themselves doing the vile deeds] need to be caned in front of the whole school populace at least twenty times each and it must be video-recorded. Said video recording then played every year at every school in that district to drive the point home how this barbarity will be punished.

If anyone bleats about this being cruel, tough. These monsters were cruel and sadistic upon this poor girl.

A society's true worth is determined by how it treats its least able citizens. All I see at this school is Lord of the Flies island and it must be reclaimed for civilisation before the civilisation fails to the barbarians bred in its midst.

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