Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ward of the State

This is so pathetic in actuality. One would have to conclude that Ward Churchill has a problem recognizing reality.


He built his entire academic career on being a Native American. He got a chair for ethnic studies at Colorado for being a Native American. He wrote books on the Native American experience and they were believed because Ward Churchill was a Native American. He used his ethniticity as part of his bully pulpit to rail against everything that the United States stands for.

And he says this:
Churchill did address the issue of his ethnicity, admitting that he is not Native American.
"Is he an Indian? Do we really care?" he said, quoting those he called his "white Republican" critics.
"Let's cut to the chase; I am not," he said.
His pedigree is "not important," Churchill said: "The issue is the substance of what is said."

So Ward Churchill built his entire life on one big lie. Everything he says he stands for is predicated on this lie. And he thinks that we will still believe him knowing he has lied all because of his message.

I have one thing to say to Ward Churchill: Nyet, Nein, Non, No. Hopefully he will understand one of those languages.

Ward, how can you ask us to believe in what you say when the man behind the words has presented himself falsely to his audience?

The measure of the man called Ward Churchill is measured by his ideology, not in meaningful abstracts like integrity, truthfulness, and honour that most people truly value.

Begone from the sight of righteous men Ward, for you offend greatly by your prevaricating and pretensions.


Van Helsing said...

It's nice that Psycho Ward has finally been forced to admit that he isn't an Indian, but this article is horrifying. One student was compelled by her professors to attend the speech. But she agreed with what Churchill had to say "because she is native Hawaiian." Churchill is just the tip of an iceberg. Our universities are turning into psychiatric asylums, and they're being run by the inmates.

Van Helsing

Anna said...

Of course what was more amusing was the Honolulu newspaper's correction. It turned from being a simple mea culpa from Mr. Churchill on his lack of Amerind heritage to being an attack on the journalists who are investigating. Mr. Churchill described them as flues buzzing about a pile of manure. Well at least Ward has the same high opinion of himself as the rest of the world does, a pile of stinking bovine scatology.