Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Land of Confusion




If there is any credible evidence that Robert Fisk back in 2004, in a series of articles, assisted the murdering thugs who love Saddam in killing one of the trial judges presiding over Saddam and his crimes, then I think Britain needs to review its laws and see which part of the Tower of London to bury Fisk under, alive.

And the yapping and yammering far left of the United States is still having an attack of the vapors over who outed Valerie Plame. Ms Plame is still alive, this judge is not. Plame was a would-be spy married to an alleged diplomat. This judge was trying to bring justice and healing to his wounded country. So the next loony wanker who whines and gnashes their teeth over Plame can go jump off a short bridge into shallow rocky water head first for all I care.

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