Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh those evil guns!

Check this out: http://www.bradycampaign.org/press/release.php?release=623

Like how it came out on Valentine's Day, can't you feel their love for all citizens with this article? Lets debunk it shall we?

Washington, D.C. - Robert Bonelli, 24, a troubled young adult with a collection of Columbine memorabilia in his home, opened fire Sunday on shoppers at a mall in New York with an AK-47 clone assault rifle.

Here we have the writer trying to make this into Columbine Part II with the first paragraph. Well the guy is 24, which means it is legal for him to own such; law still on the books preventing those under 21 from owning such as the AK-47. Romanian AK-47 clones I have seen at gunshows for $120, not too expensive when compared to AR-15 prices that start at $700. So the AK tends to be a person's first weapon since it and its ammo is cheap.

Here is the quote I find most amusing:
The same day Bonelli shot two shoppers in New York, arms merchants at a gun show just outside Washington D.C. offered for sale not only AK-47s and other clones like the Hesse Arms Model 47 Bonelli brandished, but also 50-caliber sniper rifles, capable of penetrating an airliner or a nuclear reactor from half a mile away and costing $25,000.

The writer lumps the small business owners who run sporting good stores in with the manufacturers of firearms in the first part by calling them all arms merchants. Why couldn't the writer just call them gun dealers instead? A less perjorative word than arms merchant and more precise in description than arms merchant which conjures up shadowy figures off-loading crates of ChiCom AK-47s in Los Angeles harbor to sell to the gangs.

But wait there is more as the writer hyperventilates over the danger of the Barrett L82 .50 cal sniper rifle. This is an exotic weapon bought by long range shooting enthusiasts. Its price tag is over $8000 and each bullet costs around $2. It is also a large and cumbersome weapon that is barely man-portable from bed of pick-up truck to firing line. Yes the .50 cal bullet can do lots of damage at long range, however once again the writer is very unspecific about things. If a shooter is sitting at the end of a runway, I guess he could possibly hit a plane taking off; shooter being stationary, plane getting closer, and never mind the heat vapor/exhaust that tends to make the picture blurry at busy airports. The reactor scare is pure silliness since every American nuclear reactor has its vitals[reactor itself and radioactive water] encased in a containment building with walls of reinforced concrete six feet thick that they have tested by driving a fully fueled F-4 Phantom into using a sled, the test wall survived with only scorch marks.

And then the writer totally loses it by dragging in Russia selling 100,000 AK-47s to Venezuela and President Bush failing to extend the assault Weapons Ban. I must ask the writer, should we invade Russia to prevent them from selling those Ak-47s? As for the President not singing the extension, how about some fact checking; as in the fact no bill to extend the ban reached the President's desk.

All this piece of tripe is is incoherent ranting from someone who knows guns are truly evil and will not let facts stand in the way of their cause. I call them fanatics who need intervention before they hurt themselves or someone else.

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