Thursday, February 17, 2005

Marriage made in Shaitan

Lets talk about Iran and Syria pledging to support each other. *yawn*

Yes they both are allegedly desperately seeking WMDs[assuming none of Saddam's trickled over] and that should worry people.

However lets look at the long history of the region. Since the Prophet showed up, it has been an Arab dream of one glorious unified caliphate spreading across the world bringing the Prophet's word to everyone. The closest any leader got to uniting the world under Islam was Saladin who managed to control two of the main caliphates during his time: Cairo and Damascus, Baghdad escaping his rule. After Saladin died, so did the united caliphates; they once again became prizes sought after by many would-be Saladins.

Another attempt to unify the Arab world of more modern vintage was when Assad's father unified Syria with Nasser's Egypt in the 1960s mainly to oppose Israel. The unification did not work because of geographical seperation plus a difference of national cultures between Egypt and Syria. So once again two of the old caliphates split apart.

Now we have Syria and Iran saying they are united. Sure. Syria is Arab and Iran is Persian. Plus they are geographically seperated, by Iraq. And the leadership of both countries have dreams of being in charge of that global caliphate; Assad in the name of the Ba'athist Party and Iran in the name of Khomeni. It will not be possible for these two countries to stay united, it will be a dragon with two heads and they will soon be at cross purposes. And if they get mad enough at each other, we just might see who has the WMDs.

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