Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Not talking about the Rogue River

Frankly they are getting on my nerves.

What am I talking about? Why Washington State's governor race of course. After two state recounts the Republican candidate Dino is still winning by over 200 votes.

But the Democrats can not give up. So they paid for their own recount of the votes in just one county, predominantly Democratic of course, King County. So now they are calling on Dino to concede the race because by their own recount, Gregoire[their candidate] is ahead by ... get this 8 votes.

Can anyone besides me say conflict of interest? The state Democratic Party paying for a hand recount in a county that is overwhelmingly Democratic and finding more votes for their Democratic Party candidate. This is more fishy than finding a dead trout in your milk can. And if Republicans had been doing the recount, how many assorted alphabet organizations would be protesting? Short answer: tons and with plenty of media coverage. And besides I seriously doubt that a recount carried out by just one party with a vested interest in the outcome is a valid recount.

By their very actions in this matter, the Democratic Party cheapens and subverts what real democracy is about. It is rule by the people for the people that is democracy, not rule by the political mechanics in the name of the people.

As I said, I am not talking about the Rogue River. Instead I am talking about some unsavory bipedal rogues who care not the damage they do just as long as they are in power. People of Washington State, show these rogues what true Power of the People is all about. Do NOT let these thieves get away with stealing your vote and your voice.

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