Wednesday, December 15, 2004


That they call this site 'free speech' is what is repulsive. This is nothing more than hate speech.
free.freespeech.org/ americanstateterrorism/vietnamgenocide/Mylai.html

What brought this about was reading about another Charlie Company involved in the Sadr City fire fights this past August. A SGT Williams is undergoing Article 32 hearings to determine if further prosecution is warranted. What are the charges, to wit the killing of unarmed Iraqi nationals. The events leading up to it were report of a garbage truck being used to plant bombs. SGT Williams' unit and a Bradley AFV spied such a vehicle approaching them and they opened fire. An Iraqi got out apparently waving something white and the firing stopped until fire was received, then SGT Williams ordered his men to fire on the garbage truck again. Among the casualties was a 16 year boy named Hassan who was gravely wounded. One of SGT Williams' men then shot the wounded Hassan according to testimony given at the Article 32 hearing. Williams himself is charged with murder of an unarmed man who had been taken into custody. Other testimony indicates the incoming fire was friendly fire due to color of tracer rounds.

It is up to the military court to determine what really happened. But this Charlie Company sounds as troubled as Calley's Charlie Company of the Americal Division. What we owe the soldiers who are fighting and dying over in Iraq and Afghanistan is they are not tarred&feathered with a broad brush like the VietNam vets were as the aforementioned site still parrots the vile lies and calumny the far left likes to dish up while ignoring things like Hue or Cambodia or Katyn Forest.

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