Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Oh this ticks me off. Doubt we could get more blatant in trying to slant things than calling Hinzman a war dodger. He is a deserter and a coward, someone lacking the moral courage of a California politician.


This guy with his wife decamped from his military post the night before he was supposed to be deployed to Iraq if I remember the earlier stories. Now before a Canadian court he says he feared anything he did in Iraq would be a war crime. The only crime here is you pissant spoiled coward is, you deserted your friends. The possibility you might get a boo-boo or *gasp* get killed, you ran north to Canada; letting your friends run risks that you are afraid of. How many of them were trusting you to cover their backs? I am glad you ran and showed how wide that yellow stripe is where your spine should be, instead of folding up and letting your buddies die due to your cowardice. I just hope the Canadian justice system also see you for the coward you are and ship you back to the United States to face the charges of desertion.

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Anonymous said...

Tis Too Old Guy again. I've inclined to explicitly agree with you on this subject.I cannot understand the flow of events here for this twinky. The present day military is all volunteer right ? So this character joined up of his own free will. If he was so against the militarys' purpose, why did he join up. Hellllooooo. Earth to Bat Brain. Nahhhh. He won't answer, the house is there but nobodys home. I do take umbrage at your statement to send him back here.Let Canada have him. With all the free medical care up there, they can deal with what happens to future generations when this turds genes infects the gene pool.