Friday, December 10, 2004

Goebbels would be so proud


If this from Drudge is right, I think this man needs to be barred from traveling with the 278th RCT. In fact I think any organization that hires him should be banned. This man is not a reporter nor even a journalist; he is an agent of provocation, a stirrer of dissent, the enemy of order, he is a propagandist.

He has crossed the line and should suffer the consequences. I do not care if his reasons was to score his first 'gotcha' moment that reporters seem to live for since the fall of President Nixon or with malice aforethought. To prime and prep someone to act as your stalking horse in order to ambush someone crosses the line from reporting on the news to actually manufacturing the news.

I think Edward R. Murrow as he broadcasted from London during the Blitz or Ernie Pyle as he slugged through yet another island with the Marines in the Pacific would be horrified that such a foul piece of excrement such as this person would dare to call himself a reporter. This man is no such thing, to borrow from Elizabethan times, he is a bear-baiter. He prods and pokes the subject until he gets a reaction he likes and then gleefully reports this as news.

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MJ said...

I beg to differ. Perhaps the reporter should not have planted the question that was asked of Rumsfeld but the results are my focus. The facts needed to be 'brought out', public pressure often does the job when issues of concern go unaddressed through formal military chain-of-command. The fact is that the vehicles our soldiers had available to them were not fully armored. They were to make the trip into Iraq with minimal protective armor. They were digging through scrap piles of metal and fashioning their own "uparmor". This is unacceptable. I may not support the war, but I do support caring for our soldiers and providing for their protective needs. And if it takes an embedded reporter to "plant" a question, may God send us more of the same.