Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hidden Jaguar - Update

Coming out of a restaurant this evening and happen to glance over at the oil change place next door.  In the back parking area I spied this Jaguar.  Hurried over and snapped a picture with phone.  Car is in rough shape but I never thought I would ever see one in person.  Think will visit the place Monday to find the story of this car. 

So today Sept 30, 2013 go see this car in daylight.  After looking the car over, this one you walk away from unless you have a lot of money doing nothing in the bank.  It is a Series 2 XKE 2+2 4.2L with manual transmission.

The rust issues are far worse than originally thought.  That dark line where bonnet meets the sill in the above picture is not a shadow but rust.  On the passenger side bonnet sill with the lock, its the bonnet sill itself that is rusting.  The passenger headlight bucket also has corrosion.  The passenger door paint actually has multiple cracks in it of over four inches.  The little valley in the sheet metal between the driver rear wheel arch and roof has a large patch of paint missing showing primer and rust. Some of the wires in the wire spoke wheels also show oxidation.

All the glass is present.  And the chrome seems in good shape.  Passenger front turn signal lens is broken.  Inspection sticker on windshield says 2003.  The butterscotch colored leather interior seems to be there but the driver seat is badly ripped and showing padding.  The glove box is open and a mess of wiring is spilling out, get the feeling someone has been thwarted by the British electrical system when trying to install an aftermarket radio.

Needless to say, without talking to the people at oil change place, I have determined this car will not be finding a place in my garage.


bob in houston said...

AnnaP, pretty sure thats a 1969 Series 2 ,I've got me own '63 drophead as a long term project. heres what it would look like all glammed up.
Went for $40k. Sadly, the amount of money it would take to restore mine to A1 tip top is out of the question so I will be going a slightly different route and taking some inspiration from this gentleman.

Larry said...


Too bad about that top, though...

Anna said...

Thanks for the pictures Bob. Good luck with your Jaguar. What you want to do looks like you want to make a street fighter out of it. The gold knock-offs on the black wire rim wheels I am seriously thinking that was a styling mistake. Better to have made them chrome to contrast with the black.

Larry there is a good thing about the 2+2, wheelbase is 9in longer so its easier to get in and out. Still a very pretty car. Really want to learn its story.

Alex Miller said...

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Anonymous said...

I used to have young people ask me about buying an MGB. I would hand one a Moss Motors catalog and another a copy of Hot VWs. have them look up a starter
MGB: $235 and exchange
VW: $40 outright
Fuel pump:
MGB: $128
VW: $8

I ditched the bitch when I realized I was spending a car payment a month on parts, and losing a weekend a month replacing those parts, and could not trust it in city traffic or on long trips

I currently have a baja bug and a Westfalia. everything else is cheap, engines are OMG!