Thursday, September 05, 2013

Full Circle

Well it certainly looks like the United States will be making some kind of military action in revenge for the killing of civilians by chemical weapons in Syria.  Even though the issue remains cloudy as to who did it, the word of the United States is now on the line.

Secretary of State John Kerry has been making the case along with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel before the Congress on this matter.  I would find the irony delicious that we have John 'Genghis Khan' Kerry pushing for American intervention in a country with far less military and political significance than South Vietnam except the dangers from one mistake in this country called Syria are far greater than any faced by the United States in South Vietnam with a defeat.

I was expecting at some point for Kerry to buttress his argument with one more sound byte - 'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it'

It would have been fitting and encapsulated what could easily become another street without joy.


Merovign said...

To repeat a much-abused meme: Yo, Dawg, I heard you liked bombing your neighbors, so I'm bombing your neighbors so you can't bomb your neighbors!

Suddenly it all... still doesn't make sense.

They want to intervene on one side in a fight between a proxy for two of our enemies in the middle of a volatile reason with other major powers opposing our play and no coalition of support.

What Could Go Wrong?

AndyJ said...

After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that we SHOULD attack Syria. Now, to get the best results, we should use our best and most battle hardened warriors available. Since McCain is an "experienced" pilot and Kerry is a battle hardened sailor, they should be the first two going into battle. When Assad sees these two "best of America's military warriors" coming, he will probably surrender immediately. Can't you just picture McCain in his fighter bomber and Kerry driving his Swift Boat up to the shore with guns blazing. Makes your heart swell with pride.

TiminAL said...

I love how you're stealthily doing this - but really miss your commentary

*pads in on kitsune feet, tails playing cheerfully behind her. She pauses and looks at all of you.*

*She quickly and neatly writes upon a large dry erase board*

For TheDude and others who wish to see something besides the Mountains of Stupidity issue forth from the White House. Fan-service. NSFW?

*Shaking her head and with a flicks of golden ears, her emerald eyes twinkle. Then she pads off as quietly as she had appeared.*

Posted by: Anna Puma (+SmuD) at September 09, 2013 06:58 AM (rXyHG)

Anonymous said...

*stumbles in on muddy boots and a "I'm With Stupid --->" t-shirt, Val U Rite spilling from a bottle behind him. He staggers briefly and tries to focus his eyes at Anna.*

*He tries to write legibly upon a large dry erase board, but can't hold the marker steady enough to spell a single word*

*Take another swig of ghetto vodka, his eyes glaze over in a shade of crimson. Then he hobbles off in a drunken shamble, noisily knocking over trash bins as leaves.*


Anna said...

Merovign, it still does not make any sense. Even after Putin pulled the football away from the President's attempted field goal.

AndyJ, one is Sancho Panza while the other is Roscinante. Just can't figure which is which.

EC and Tim, thanks. Means a lot. EC, lol!!!