Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mitchell Mission

They were turning the R-2600 over using the starter on this B-25J I guess for the film crew.  I learned that you have to turn each engine 9 or 11 blades by hand before trying to start since all the engine oil settles to the bottom cylinders and causes hydraulic lock. 

This was probably one of the most laid back but fun encounters I have had with Warbirds.  Usually airport authority or when on a military base, the cordons will be maintained at all times.  Except for the planes blocked off for filming; the ramp area with the Texans and the B-25J Killer 'B' was open.  Of course when the folks with the planes or the ramp crew asked people to move, the people did.  Everything was perfect including the weather.

This is the CAF B-25J Yellow Rose taking off for the parade flyover.  You can hear how brisk the wind is along with the sound of two R-2600s producing 1,700HP each.  I apologize for the shake-cam but did not bring a tri-pod with me.  Was not expecting to be allowed such close viewing and hence take such footage.

After the parade fly over the B-25s went to visit the air fields used by the Raiders to train in 1942.  If you paid $425 you got a chance to ride in one of the B-25s, be part of the flyover, and the visit.  It was sorely tempting to fork over the money.


Jim said...

Collings Foundation makes a stop at McClellan every May, usually. I found this out walking out of a barbershop to a B-17 flying overhead. Just stood there like a slack-jawed yokel wondering if I'd finally lost it...


Anna said...

LOL Staring with jaw agape as this giant Boeing product gracefully flies through air. The sound of four radial engines in tune thrumming.