Sunday, April 21, 2013

Florida Nose Art

Panchito again.  Metal gleaming in the morning sun.

B-25J-32 Killer 'B'

B-25J of the CAF Yellow Rose

SNJ-5 VC-10 6 of Diamonds

Only the SNJs, T-6s, and the B-25J Killer 'B' was available for public inspection.  Yellow Rose, Panchito, and the other B-25J that was painted like a Doolittle Raider were roped off because of a documentary film crew.

Killer B and Yellow Rose were both painted in a North African scheme of sand and green over neutral gray.  Both sported the brief Torch national insignia of a yellow surround to the white star in a blue circle.  Also they had RAF tri-color fin flashes.  Made for interesting contrast.

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