Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Or your fifteen minutes are used up.  That is what I think when I contemplate Dr. Karen King's possibly earth shattering discovery.  Dr. King claims this scrap of papyrus has Coptic writing and is from the 4th Century. 

Side note Coptic Christianity is separate from Roman Catholic/Christian and Eastern Orthodox but shares more with Eastern Orthodox.  It is a faith predominately found in Egypt.

Dr. King says this fragment refers to a woman named Mary as being Yeshua bin Yusef/Jesus's wife.  That would be a monumental upheaval to more than one billion Christians worldwide if verified.  Therein lies the rub.  Dr. King has not yet exercised due diligence in verifying the papyrus is authentic.  She has not examined the ink to see if it matches known 4th Century examples.

Until Dr. King actually does some research and investigation, I advise all Christians to treat her 'blockbuster revelation' with a Lot's wife sized grain of salt.  I fear this maybe another Hitler's diaries forgery. Or Talpiot.  If this turns out to be such a forgery, then I suggest Harvard have someone outside conduct a review of Dr. King's other research.  If they do not do that, then they will be under the same cloud as Dr. King.  That of con-artist.

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