Monday, September 10, 2012

Fast and Furious Goes South

I am looking at two different reports sourcing off the same newspaper: the El Tiempo.  Fast and Furious was supposed to allow US government agents to trace the flow of weapons into drug cartel hands in Mexico.  What has resulted, as previously documented, was some 2,000 weapons of various types vanishing into the badlands of northern Mexico.  Along with the deaths of 300+ Mexican citizens and two US agents - Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

The old saying is a broke clock is right two times a day.  In this case, it seems the BATF F&F clock was right once.  Two long arms and 14 Five-seven pistols have been recovered in an interesting locale.  In the city of Medellin Colombia in fact.  During a raid of the drug cartel that replaced Pablo Escobar's in fact.  A cartel just as violent as Pablo's.   But F&F was never aimed at the Ofcina de Envigado, it was aimed at the Mexican drug cartels like the Sianola Cartel.

But we will never hear anything about this from the mainstream media.  For example: the DoJ IG is supposed to report to Congress on September 19th on Fast & Furious.  Notice there is nothing there yet.  However it seems CNN has gotten the 'dope' on the matter and exonerates Eric Holder and his band of law breakers, you see it was those ATF agents in Arizona who are at fault for going rouge.  If CNN's anonymous leakers are correct, the IG is going to try and whitewash away the culpability of Holder and his crew.

While looking this information up, stumbled across what seems to be a DEA caused My Lai massacre in Honduras.  In the town of Ahuras, a DEA agent called for air support after claiming being under fire.  As a result four people, including a pregnant woman, were killed.  It seems the agent was not assisting the locals, but was leading the mission.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including Jaime Zapata. Far too often, he seems to be omitted from this tragic tale of corruption.

Anna said...

I know. It seems the people in the media assume the viewers can only imagine one horrible murder. Thus Zapata and 300+ Mexicans are ignored along with all the families who are also suffering.