Sunday, June 24, 2012

TS Debby

Looks like Port St. Joe, FL is going to get a bunch of rain on Wednesday with some wind included.  Assuming Tropical Storm Debby does not strengthen any before landfall.  This morning the path for Debby took the story straight west for a possible Texas landfall.  So this storm bears watching in case it's path radically changes again.

Update - As of 11am Eastern Time  on June 26 TS Debby is proving why forecast prediction is still something of an art.  Predicted landfall is now about 8am Eastern Time on Wednesday in Levy county Florida.  North of Tampa and by 4pm Eastern will be passing north of Ocala.  Does not look like any strengthening will occur before landfall.

But stay tuned.


DirtCrashr said...

Too bad Debby can't get up into Colorado and lend a hand there!

Anna said...

Invite AlGore to visit? Should get a cold snap then.

Lets pray no more of Colorado goes up in flames.