Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day of Days?

Statue of Themis, Goddess of Justice
 Two monumental events might take place today in Washington D.C.  The Supreme Court might hand down their ruling on what is the Democrats' and Obama's signature piece of health care legislation.  The other will occur in the House of Representatives and their vote on whether the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder is in contempt of that body in regards to Fast and Furious.

Much has already been written on the health care matter.  How anyone can claim 2,000+ pages of legal mumbo-jumbo is in fact a single law is beyond me.  Especially when one of the supporters has to declare you have to pass it to find out what is in it.  If that does not strike one of midnight deals in done in closed rooms full of nefarious plotting, what will?

Now what a piece of work Eric Holder and because of the Executive Order issued by President Obama, this whole administration is?  All Rep. Issa wanted was any documentation relating to the time Justice appeared before the committee under oath and told a falsehood that had to be retracted.  It is true it's the cover-up that makes things worse.  If this administration had been honest and forthright after the murders of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata we would not be in this situation. 

Because of seemingly boundless perfidy that screams out for redress, today we may witness the sword of Justice.

Update Saturday 30 June 2012. 

Well its been an eventful two days since the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling.  To say people are angry and overjoyed might be an understatement.  What the Roberts court delivered seems akin to Solomon actually splitting the baby in two.  Time will tell if what was rendered was truly wise but in the short term it has energized the Romney campaign and all who oppose the legislation.  It has turned the mandate into a penalty tax that Democrats now have to defend while recognizing the states can resist federal encroachment without suffering penalties.

As for Eric Holder, he was found in contempt by the House.  Seventeen Democrats joined their Republican colleagues in this vote of contempt so it's bi-partisan.  Many other Democrats, lead by Rep. Pelosi, had a conniption and walked out in protest, thus silencing their constituents voice.  And to show how Eric Holder does not think the laws of this land apply to him, he went on a Disney vacation after the vote.

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