Friday, May 25, 2012

P-40 Identity Confirmed

The P-40E Kittyhawk I that was discovered earlier this year in the Egyptian desert has been identified.  The people working the issue, who are on the Key Publishing forum, are simply amazing in their knowledge and tenacity.

From post on 23 May, 2012 by Shepsair -
Now that 1035 has been reported and with the link, it is safe to report that the P40E Kittyhawk in the desert is now confirmed as Curtiss P40E-1-CU Curtiss number 1035, construction number 19761, US serial 41-35928 and British serial ET574.

The Copping family were made aware of the confirmation early last week.

Still no word on the final fate of Dennis Copping.  His body is still somewhere out there in the vastness of the Western Desert.  I hope he is found and properly buried before Siag Travel leads mobs of tourists tromping over the site.  Today they are visiting the crash site.


Tom's Place said...

I can only hope that whatever can be salvaged and put into a museum happens soon before the plane is totally destroyed.

Anna said...

I sincerely hope they find Copping so his fate can finally be told. And to safeguard the plane.