Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Twelve Dreams of Egypt

It does seem the curtain on Egypt's future is closing as we speak.  The extreme Muslim Brotherhood has now said it will seek the Presidency, breaking a promise.  And the last direct link between Egypt and Ottoman Turkey, Princess Nesliash Sultan, has passed away.  Tourism at the Giza Plateau is extinct because of the political turmoil, an objective the Muslim Brotherhood had sought to destroy during the Mubarek government in order to topple him, it seems they have won this battle just when it seems they are on top politically. 
And the war against the Coptic Christians continues apace. Even as Pope Shenouda III was being laid to rest, the Salafists were hurling insults that remind me of Westboro and other extremists in their hatred - "We rejoice that he is destroyed. He has perished," Ghoneim said on March 18, the day after Shenouda died at the age of 88. "May God have His revenge on him in the fire of hell -- he and all who walk his path."

But there is good news on the Giza Plateau as several tombs are being re-opened for tourists.  All of them are minor tombs but I hope the writer of this article learns proper English before he publishes again.  Or I will think he is related to the sign maker in the Valley of the Kings who in 1997 created such amusing English signs as the following -
The wall is Oecorated with The Book of
the DeadBook of the
Book the Book BookBook.
pg. 178, The Lost Tomb, Dr. Kent R. Weeks, 1998

I will end with something from brighter days of modern Egypt.  Jean Michel Jarre's concert at Giza to celebrate the arrival of the year 2000 A.D. and the hope of a new age.

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