Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ave Obama!

In Imperial Rome they would say Ave Ceaser! or in English Hail Ceaser! as a greeting.  That kind of thinking is something our Founding Fathers were allergic to.  George Washington could have set himself up as King, the veterans of the Continental Army would have supported him.  Instead he talked them out of overthrowing the new government and after two terms retired back to his farm.  By these actions he embodied the spirit of a great Roman patriot - Cincinnatus.

So when I see people flying a copy of the US flag where President Obama's picture replaces all the stars of the Union, I have to think of the Roman Emperors and their various cults of personality.  Some of these rulers even thought they were truly divine.  What history shows is most of them did far more harm to the Roman Empire than any external force ever could.

Whether my interpretation is what is on the minds of people who fly this flag is immaterial.  History shows that once a leader becomes more important than the country he leads, the country itself is on an arc of decline.


Keads said...

Indeed. Wise thoughts.

ProudHillbilly said...

Spot on. We are fortunate that Obama doesn't have the drive or raw smarts that Hitler or Napoleon did.

Brooke said...

How far the spirit of Cincinnatus has fallen!

Rome is burning...And Nero is fiddling!

Anonymous said...

Obama is teh first and last black Muslim president in US history. America is fortunate his term draws to a close, as America the beautiful, teh great, teh strong is a mere and teh sun is about to set . shadow of itself

Throw out Obama in Novemeber if you want to save the union and still be the land of teh free and teh brave, and not the land of teh poor and teh slaves. Obama gotta go

Ed Rasimus said...

Reinstate the whisperer: "Thou art mortal. Thou art mortal..." Once we do that we can dream up some spiffy uniforms for the Praetorians.

Anna said...

Keads, I wish it has not come to this.

ProudHillbility, that is why he has TOTUS and Axelrod. If not for them, I doubt he could tie his shoes unless they were Velcro.

Brooke, Nero had some native cunning but not enough to see how his actions were a threat. Yes it does sound familiar.

Anonymous. What matters is the content of Obama's character. He has no character. Just an underfed desire of 'I want' born of so much abandonment as a child.

Ed. I wonder how many of those whisperers had accidents by falling off the chariots? Obama's Praetorians won't get new uniforms because the Obama's take too many vacations.