Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Righteous Response

It did not take long for the Roman Catholic Church to respond to President Obama’s magnanimous, in his mind, compromise on his health care diktat.  In fact the rebuke was read from many pulpits this past weekend across the land.  And the rebukes keep coming out.  Today Rep. Issa in the US House is asking about it.

There is one grave problem with this compromise.  Yes it sounds like Obama has deftly threaded a needle to satisfy various constituencies.  The brutal truth is he has tried to deflect the gravity of the sin he is trying to force on people of faith. 

In the original version of his diktat, Catholic hospitals would be forced to provide birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies, hysterectomies, and pills like RU-486.  All of these items are anathema to Catholics of faith because they transform the act of bringing life and hope into this world into something purely made of lust and creating sterility in its wake.  Hence for any Catholic institution to comply, they would be committing a sin of commission.

The new version transforms this sin into one of omission.  According to Obama the Catholic hospitals no longer have to knowingly pay for all the above ‘vital’ medical requirements, instead the underwriters of the insurance policies would pay for them at zero cost.  The sin is still happening but now someone else is doing the sinful deed as Catholic institution are supposed to look the other way.

As for Obama’s tissue thin lie that the insurance companies will pay for all these items without charging Catholic institutions.  Does he think we are all morons?  It seems he does and those who have gone back into the Obama fold prove he can sucker some people all the time.  The fact of the matter is the people or institutions will pay premiums on their insurance policies.  It will be from these premiums that all those counter-life items will be paid for since insurance companies are not charities.  So we find ourselves back again committing a sin of omission, we are supposed to just look the other way while evil occurs.

So what Caeser Obama offers is just a difference of poisons.  One is overt and the other more subtle, both are still deadly to the soul.  We need to keep standing up and saying no to this administration.  When Obama is forced to blink and back away from all this, we must not rest.  We must keep up the pressure and roll back in its entirety the abomination Obama and others call ‘affordable’ health care.  This health care program allows four states and many friends of Obama to be exempt from.  While Democrats have been abusing the Commerce Clause, they have also abused the Equal Protection Clause.  These abuses and usurpations of power must be stopped least the tree of Liberty is renewed with the blood of patriots.  Most importantly we must do this before our collective soul is irredeemably blotted by these evil actions.

Post script – Obama pretends he knows Scripture.  So do the ‘religious’ who support him.  But I find it hard to credit their knowledge and faith when they so willingly serve a worldly master called socialism.  They will engage in many amazing feats of verbal gymnastics to dress up their aberrations as most holy writ.  As Obama proved when he replaced individuals performing acts of charity with a secular government acting as the arbitrator of who will get charity.  These are false prophets who shall wear millstones about their necks.


Mutnodjmet said...

The only scripture Obama knows is the Gospel of Alinksky. This is a great analysis, and I will be sharing. Thanks for checking out the Shrine. You may want to check out a new blog by a friend of mine:


Father Of 10 said...

Nice blog!


Anna said...

Mut, I think you are right when it comes to Obama. Or the Holy Writ of Socialism as written by VI Lenin. For the Catholics who are laying down with Obama on this, I fear liberation theology has not been totally rooted out. I have checked out that blog, interesting it is. Thanks.

Father of 10, thanks for the kind words. Keeps me going.