Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jealous Tyrants

There has been a lot of religious talk of late and how the secular sphere intersects such.  Of faith held beliefs colliding with secular beliefs.  Of confronting Moloch.

In the Peoples Republic of China; what a contradiction as the people have no say in how they are oppressed, just ask the employees at Foxconn who were awakened at midnight in their barracks, fed a biscuit and a cup of tea, and then churned out iPad2s with a new screen, religious oppression proceeds.  That government has imprisoned nine Roman Catholic priests.  Eight are of the 'underground' church that has the support of the Holy See in Rome but this church is oppressed by Beijing who pushes a state approved catholic church.  The Vatican and Beijing have been at an impasse over this matter for years with Beijing appointing catholic cardinals without Papal approval.  Here is a case of a 'modern' state oppressing and imposing beliefs on the people they are supposed to serve.

The Soviet Union went a step further when the likes of Lenin seized the reigns of power.  All places of worship were forcibly closed.  All monasteries were closed.  The Russian Orthodox faith was suppressed.  And yet it was the Soviet Union who collapsed while the faithful persevered.

In Germany in the 1930s similar things were tried.  The National Socialists ordered the crosses atop churches be replaced by their party symbol.  Youth groups like the 700,000 strong Protestant youth group were shut down.  There could only be one deity in Germany and all were supposed to swear fealty to the Fuhrer.  Thus there was no room for the likes of the Jews or the Catholics or Protestants.  Even pagans were oppressed.  It took six brutal years of war that ravaged a whole continent before this evil was ended.

So what has all this history to do with confronting Moloch?  Its very simple, in all three cases presented above an oppressive secular government has attempted or is attempting to wipe out any other locus of power.  These other sources of normative mores, I think that is the term, rebuke what the secular mandarins want to impose.  They deny the validity of this secular dogma.

Now we are seeing this secular dogma being attempted here in the United States.  Health and Human Services has issued a draconian ruling that will have drastic impact upon religious non-profits of all beliefs.  These non-profits have one year to comply with the demands of Moloch ... errr...  the Obama administration's diktats.  What are these demands?  These religious non-profits MUST offer as part of health insurance things they find morally offensive and evil.  A good example is RU-486 which is also called the Morning After Pill.  A woman will be prescribed these pills in order to kill off a possible fertilized zygote.

After the trials of Nuremberg and what happened at My Lai, soldiers are now expected to refuse unlawful orders.  What the Obama administration is demanding of religious non-profits is an unlawful order.  It is an attempt to impose secular state beliefs upon individuals.  What next, will Cesar Obama demand all offer burnt sacrifices at the altar of Obama as divine being?  That did not work well for Imperial Rome nor France after their revolution.

That the Obama administration is going ahead with this is the height of hubris and folly since the US Supreme Court just struck down 9-0 another attempt to subjugate the religious.  In that case, the Obama administration tried to tell religious ministries they could not discriminate in any form on whom is hired.  The Supreme Court firmly rejected this concept.  If this ruling had been allowed to stand then we could have seen a Buddhist temple compelled to hire a follower of Santaria.

So where do we go from here to stop this latest ploy?  Sen. Rubio(R-FL) has already introduced legislation that attempts to neuter this nefarious ploy.  Much must still be done.  A strong message has to be sent to Washington DC on how wrong this ruling from HHS is.  If we do not stand together for religious freedom as outlined in the US Constitution now, then we risk far more than all these non-profit hospitals shutting down.  We risk the total loss of liberty.  Either we hang together or we hang separately as Benjamin Franklin once said.


Keads said...

Well said and distills this matter to the core viewed through the lens of history.

Oh, incoming! I just gave you a Blog award, I generally do not do these things but the rules are such that I agreed. You decide if you wish to accept or not.

Truman North said...

At Ace of Spades, many of the bloggers and readers quite enjoy your work. In likght of the ongoing kerfuffle, your thoughts on Obama vs. religion are precient and complete.

Thanks for the good reads. Even though you don't write every day, I keep you on my blog list for posts like this.

Anna said...

Keads,its all about control. Feudal lords, Fascists, Socialists. All these satrapies require serfs. A population that is educated to reason is their enemy.

Thank you for the encouraging words Truman North. Unlike all those educated people around Obama, I am not nuanced so I can still recognize truth when I see it. Which means there might be a cup of hemlock waiting me.