Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zuccotti Flotsam

For such a small area in a very large metropolitan area, the protesters at Zuccotti Park managed to produce a staggering amount of waste. If this place had been allowed to lay fallow and become an archeology site in the future, one wonders what those scientists would think of what we call 'Modern' people?

Twenty-six dump trucks of material was hauled off. Impressive for a mere two months of occupancy. So far two smashed guitars and a bent laptop computer have been identified. Also spoiled food and human waste have been discovered in the mountain of waste. To prove how dangerous this waste is, used hypodermic needles have been found along with broken glass.

I earnestly pray the ten sanitation workers are being extra careful. Getting pricked by a dirty needle is not something I want to face. But they are doing their jobs because the protesters were too lazy. For this these sanitation workers have my utmost respect.

If I was an archaeologist excavating Zuccotti Park in the future, I think I would have but one conclusion of the inhabitants. I would think I had found evidence of a feral wasteful primitive tribe of savages.


Rose said...

We had a similar encampment that took over a beach campground about 10 years ago. They weren't really protesting per se, but they weren't moving, either.

Well-meaning people started dropping off 'donations' - clothes, couches, etc.

When the time came to move them out - it was a massive undertaking.

I can't help but wonder if some of that is going on here.

The local #Occupiers moved out today, the big storm, high winds, driving rain and cold, cold, cold temps seem to have , uh, #Occupied the space. LMAO

Anna said...

Sounds like your locals were Summer #Occupiers. Fair weather protestors. Its the ones who stay inspite of bad weather must be wary off.

Well with this current crop being smelly, rude, and disgusting; only the hardcore enablers will drop stuff off. The one from ten years ago sounds more like some Deadheads just chilling out.