Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zuccotti Cleared

Mayor Michael Bloomberg finally did something that needed to be done. He ordered the police and sanitation forces into Zuccotti to clear out the two month old shanty town that had sprung up. They started this morning clearing the people out while tossing their tents and other items into the garbage.

The cops were followed by Sanitation workers, one of whom was overheard saying, “We’re gonna disinfect the hell out of this place.”

And naturally the usual ally of the protesters has risen to the occasion to prove again how divorced from reality they are in pursuit of their political goals. I speak of lawyers. Specifically the National Lawyers Guild has gotten a restraining order preventing the clearing of Zuccotti Park with a hearing scheduled at 11:30AM Eastern.

So this whole soap opera seems destined to shamble forth like a zombie until reality or disease or both kill the protest. So stay tuned.


Legion said...

Wish we could bury most of these wacko losers for future archeological study. Oh what a treasure, yeah lets bury them.

Anna said...

Legios, bury them in Yucca Mountain since Harry Reid wont let us bury radioactive waste there.