Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sharon Bialek All Red?

Interesting that Sharon Bialek has credibility issues from inside CBS. At least that is the impression one gets from this audio from Bill Kurtis. So will this sink the Cain bid to be the GOP presidential nominee? Only if the three anonymous accusers actually come forward. If not, Sharon Bialek will just be another Anita Hill. Doing nothing to destroy an innocent man's career but thoroughly blemishing her own life.

I really love the snark about Gloria Allred. She could never escape a prison because she would run towards the spotlight.


Ed Rasimus said...

Amazing amount of space between the lines to be read in that! The real question to be answered in this remains who is orchestrating?

Anna said...

I know, who is pulling the strings on this knee-capping. It seems too many want to race to the bottom of the sewer just so their candidate wins. And all it does is reinforce the notion that politics is sordid, smelly, rife with corruption. Which will deter capable people from participating. This kind of ugly has to stop.

AndyJ said...

Cain could have scored, if at his news conference he just said that that she was a hooker that he picked up and that they just couldn't agree on the price.......he would have the same evidence that she has, word of mouth. Rush had the perfect question to ask these women...Who is picking up the tab for your lawyers?

Oh, also, when that idiot reporter asked Cain if he would take a lie detector test, Cain should have come back with..."Did you ask Clinton , Kennedy, or Edwards if they would take a lie detector test? Now they are all white, so what are you, a racist?"

Anna said...

I am really disgusted with all the people who ran for the lifeboats aboard RMS Cain when the iceberg was 15 miles away. Now that we have gotten closer, it seems the iceberg of accusation is filled with rotten ice. But its too late since some of the boats have been lowered into the sea leaving the ship shortmanned when it still needs to steam and steer.

Back 14 years ago was Cain thinking of being a politician? Or even running for President? Probably not, he had a business to run. So what probably happened was Cain's lawyers sat down with him and said, "Listen we know these charges are bunk. But to fight it out in the courts will trash your image also. So lets settle with no admission of any guilt. And make the problem go away."

Unfortunately progressive/socialist democrats seem good at ferreting out the faintest whiff of scandal. Drop the stink bomb on the GOP doorstep. And like lemmings these people scatter before the whole truth comes out.

Though I think the worse part of this scandal is, it might not have been democrats who did it. Someone in the GOP might have stabbed Cain in the back just to clear the way for their candidate. If this is true and the campaign allowed it to happen, then there is no difference between them and Obama. Actually Obama would become the preferable candidate since we already know what kind of snake he is.