Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We all have memories of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special when the only tree Charlie Brown could afford was this scrawny twig of a tree. So when the Dept. of Agriculture announced they are levying on all Christmas tree growers a 15 cent tax on each tree to promote the Christmas trees, I flashed back to poor Charlie Brown. In these dire economic times it makes no sense for the Obama administration to act like Scrooge and add yet another financial hardship on people struggling. But they are doing it.

And I do apologise to Mr. Schultz, I only use this image to make a not so subtle point.

UPDATE: Good news everyone. Scrooge Obama has kindly decided not to impose this tax on Christmas trees. Stay vigiliant to see if the Christmas turkey and stuffing get promotional taxes imposed on them.


AndyJ said...

So, when has it become law that any department in government can levy taxes??? Looks like our congress has become completely useless. I guess that we are now officially under the Obumer dictatorship. What a mess this hope and change has become, as if most of us didn't know.

Anna said...

Actually it seems we can blame a 1996 law that transferred the power of taxation to departments. The Got Milk campaign falls under this law.

It seems the christmas tree growers association could not get all growers to donate money for an ad campaign. So they decided, starting three years ago, to try and use the government to coerce this money from the growers.

I think this 1996 law needs to be removed. As this incident proves, it allows bureacrats to tax. Plus it raises a very troubling point, its one thing for the government to collect taxes for things like the common defense but to use the government to extort money for a private association is simply wrong.