Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unimaginative Tripe

I seem to complain a bit about how horrible current entertainment has become. I have done it before so here comes another little bit of ranting.

Fox has a new science-fiction show starting tomorrow that is called Terra Nova. Like in the Lost in Space movie re-make, Earth is about exhausted and only finding a new place will save humanity. Unlike Lost in Space, in Terra Nova the humans are smart enough to invent a time machine. But the humans are not smart enough to colonize other planets. Unless they deal with that problem in the series premier, its pointless to keep watching.

Keeping with the lets rehash something that has already been done, lets talk movies. One would think after Howard Hawk's turned John Campbell's Who Goes There into a gem of a science-fiction/horror movie called The Thing from another World that it could not be topped. But then John Carpenter thought he could and gave us The Thing which really freaked people out. So like I Am Legend/Omega Man got badly trashed by Will Smith's third version, there is a new remake of The Thing coming out. I hold no hope out for it since it takes place in the Arctic, like the original movie, but has the shape-shifting alien from Carpenter's version. I detect no originality to this movie and will give it a pass.

Addendum - How can I forget the movie Real Steel coming out? If it had been called Rockem Sockem Robots it would have given away how unoriginal the movie is.


Ed Rasimus said...

"Real Steel" alternate title:

"Transformer Meets Karate Kid Grown Up"

Or maybe "Rocky Tin"

"I Coulda Been a Contender Not a Tin Can"

"Raging Bull****"

Anna said...

LOL Recycling gone too far.

Reading this synopsis of Terra Nova, glad I missed it.


Opening a bit scary but plausible. Then the whole jim escape thing, too much Deus ex Machina.