Thursday, September 29, 2011

Molested Car

This car was spotted in the parking lot of Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS on the afternoon of Sept. 18th 2011. Where should we start on this critique?

First lets talk about the original car, its a Dodge Charger. This car's design is such an aesthetic brick it almost makes you want to buy an Aztec to atone for the error. It makes the 300 look good okay.

Usually chrome makes a dark colored car really pop visually. This time I have to rate those bright rims and rubber band tires a fail. I am still unsure what the point of the applique chrome vent things are, I suppose its to give a retro look for the car. I am reminded of the similar retro applique exhaust ports fad we see on some cars, both trends look wrong and tacky. How about that bulbous chrome outside mirror. Bet in some light situations this car might blind old folks, children, and some pets.

Finally lets talk about the confused owner. They have in chrome glue-on letters the name New Orleans above the chrome cheat line. And the word is spelled out on top of the windshield. Which is understandable since the car tag is from Louisiana. However the New Orleans football team is the Saints. I guess they are very confused in their loyalties - love to live in New Orleans but root for the San Diego Chargers.


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Somethings just arrest your attention in the worse way possible. This car did that.