Friday, August 19, 2011

Scooby-Doo Caper


The following reads like a real life Scooby-Doo mystery, save there are no meddling kids. The thief captured himself in this story. He was ably assisted by others who should have been suspicious but apparently did nothing.

First he manages to truck in a few boxes into the vault. Turns out the lights and loads up his cart with cash. Then he takes the boxes out to his vehicle. I know it was a Friday, but really no one thought it was strange what he did? Then collects girlfriend and they fly to Seattle. Asks the taxi driver where he could buy a weapon and the taxi driver hooked him up with a dealer that sold him an AK-47 and ammo. Wow. Did not think Fast&Furious reached as far north as Seattle. And who else has this taxi driver helped get weapons? Hey Janet, here is a real lead to run down. After this he buys an economy car with cash from the duffel bags of loot and drives to Mexico. Once in TJ, his uncle tells the robber he needs to ditch the car and get on the bus since he says the car would not survive the trip. So two bus tickets are bought and off they go. The crime spree ends when the Mexican authorities stop the bus at a checkpoint and find the millions in cash. Just think if he had bought an SUV in Seattle. He might not have been caught. It seems no one else was alert, so ... darn if it wasn't for that bumbling thief he might have gotten away with it.

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