Friday, August 19, 2011

Bing B-52s

This popped up on Bing today. Its cool and its sad, but one reason why Bing rocks while Google just stinks. Bing will actually show cool stuff.


Rose said...

Quite the lineup!

Anna said...

It is awe-inspring and sad. These once proud warriors that defended our country now awaiting the scrapper's cutting torch out in the Arizona sun.

Ed Rasimus said...

Victims of SALT dating all the way back to Reagan. Retire manned bombers, line them up and guillotine the wings off then space them out so that satellite overflight can confirm. Both sides did it in huge numbers.

On a more current note, right now the line-up of ten F-105D aircraft, long familiar to anyone who's been at Lackland AFB is being dismantled in preparation for scrapping. This is done precisely at the same time that Collings Foundation is seeking lease of at least one F-105 for restoration to flying status to preserve the legacy.

The owner of ALL F-105 airframes is Nat'l Museum of the USAF. Their policy opposes flying displays saying the resource is too valuable to risk. Meanwhile these "valuable" jets are being destroyed forever.


Legion said...

Anything is better than Google. They are evil and must be destroyed. Join the endeavor to stop using them as a verb.

Anna said...

Ed, is it time for a massive email campaign? Save the Thuds! Wow, I question the timing also.

Legios, I hear you. Google does evil with its business practices.