Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maxine's Session

I have to think of the above video because of the latest antics of Rep. Maxine Waters. This time she was sticking it to one of President Obama's chief aides about how hard unemployment has hit the African-American community. When Rep. Water's asks Don Graves if he can say "black" the video above pops to mind. And what is even worse is Mr. Graves tries to tap dance and not admit how badly hurt the African-American community is due to Obama and his policies. If this anger towards Obama and his policies is genuine, then Obama will have no base save the old pony-tailed white liberal hippies with a guilt complex.


AndyJ said...

As to Maxine's comment about the TEA Party "The TEA Party can just go to hell", I wish I had been in the audience with the reply...Well if we do go to hell, at least we know that you will be there holding up the welcome sign. Oh, and by the way, what ever happened to that ethics probe?

Anna said...

I think the ethics probe is still grinding on. We will know we are in Hell when Maxine greets up wearing that crazy cowgrrl get-up.