Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Germany Gets A Clue

This is heartening news from Germany. Due to the continued onslaught of pirates attacking their shipping, they want to arm security guards and put them on ships in high risk areas. I say its well past time for this to happen. I would suggest one small change and avoid some legal entanglements with private security guards, use the German army instead. An MG-3 going through 800 rounds a minute can take the starch out of any would-be pirates.

What I fail to understand is the worries of the International Maritime Organization. The IMO fears putting armed security guards on merchant ships would be an escalation. I hate to tell you IMO but the Somali pirates escalated this mess first. They are the ones who are costing shipping companies large sums of money plus putting the crews into virtual slavery until they are ransomed. On second thought, lets up-gun from the MG-3 and put an actual naval cannon on the fantail, 105mm should do. Along with the German army troops who would also get to see some of the world.


Spikessib said...

An escalation?? Are they fighting a war or protecting goods from criminals?

Anna said...

They are fighting both but are trapped by their conditioning. Its not a pretty sight when reality intrudes so they flail about spouting gibberish. Bad news is all the crews who suffer because these idiots wont do a simple thing, guns on ships.

Hope Germany does arm its ships. If you make robbery dangerous to health, then the robbers will seek other employment.

AndyJ said...

MG-3 with ONLY 800 rounds per minute??? Come, come now young lady.....Mini gun with 3000 rounds per minute is much better, and then maybe some of the Vietnam surplus Zippo mounts fore and aft would be quite a surprise to the pirates. Personally, I would prefer my own Vietnam gun mounts fore and aft...the venerable 40mm quad BOFORS, ah, the love of my life

Anna said...

I like the MG-3 and its WWII grandfather the MG-42 because of its sheer scary rate of fire. And easier to tote to where the bad guys are trying to climb up. Though a Bofors 40mm single mount might be less scary than a 105mm. And still effective sinking the bad guys.

AndyJ said...

No, no the BOFORS single is just not as impressive as the quad. especially if you had a good loading crew like I had in Vietnam, and it's rate of fire was pretty scary too. I'm not too sure, but I think that I remember that they could put out 120 rounds per barrel, and those were explosive rounds And it is very accurate even out to 1500 yards. Loved that gun almost as much as the BAR that I had.

Anna said...

AndyJ how about we go with the modern Bofors 40mm L70?


BAR is nice but limited by its 20rd magazine. MG-3 uses NATO 7.62 and is belt fed.

The IMO should be encouraging shipping companies to arm their ships. Make it hazardous to the pirates to view piracy as a viable business model. Hard to have a future when drowning 20 miles from shore when that Bofors puts a nice hole in your boat.