Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday News

First some really cool news for one very lucky Marine in Afghanistan. Mila Kunis has agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball with the Marine. Semper Fi Marine! And a big thank you to Ms. Kunis.

The family of murdered US agent Brian Terry are now pondering civil lawsuits against those invovled in Operation Fast and Furious. First my condolences go out to this family who lost a loved one in such a tragic way. Keep letting your representatives in Congress know that the truth about this operation needs to come out. Closure and healing can not happen as long as there is even a whiff of cover-up. The guilty must be punished.

And for all those who worry about the Mayan calendar signalling the end of the world. Your Armageddon may get pre-empted later this year by Nibiru crashing into the Earth. If you beleive any of the listed doomsday scares in the linked article, can I sell you some land and food for cash now? Last month an asteroid 55ft in size, 2011 MD, passed far closer than that comet ever will. Still no sign of the 12th planet... maybe the legendary 12th Iman is on Nibiru? Inquiring minds do not care.

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