Monday, July 11, 2011

Debt Ceiling Analogy

President Obama obviously broke away from another grueling game of golf to browbeat the citizens of the United States today. His objective for this presser? Why we must raise taxes and take more of your money even as energy prices and food prices rise. As Sec. of Energy Dr. Chu just said said about incadescent lightbulbs, he knows better than you on what to do with your money. First the President wants Congress to surrender to his demand to raise the US debt limit.

Raising the debt limit is not the catastrophic thing Obama and his bootlickers say. The debt limit is like the limit Norm has on his bar tab at Cheers. Keeping that limit prevents him from spending all his money on booze. Same with the debt limit. If it is not raised, then Norm Obama has to pay down his current bar tab before buying another beer. Put that way, I much prefer to keep the debt limit where it is. Don't you?


Legion said...

Yepper- Mark Levin welcomes the date. Says it will be another 4th of July- Rush explained it- over and over- you pay the bond service first to stop default and then other bills with the rest- duh. Simple home checking. If he bypasses Congress to print more money then we impeach him.

Legion said...

August 1 is Ramadan. August 2nd is the Debt ceiling day. Obummer wants time to pray to his true master, which is why he is in a tizzy all of a sudden.

Anna said...

Sp august 2nd is Impeach Ramalamadingdong Day?

I am sick and tired of the fear mongering the likes of Geithner and Obama do over the debt limit. They are addicts who want to keep using our money for their wastrel ends.