Sunday, July 17, 2011

De Gall

Democrats in Congress have 'deemed' budgets to be passed under Pelosi's ruler ship. Democrats in the Senate refuse to submit any semblance of a budget. President Obama's budget this year vanished quicker than a cheeseburger in the White House. And now the House, Senate, and the President are at loggerheads over the national debt ceiling.

So how does our President handle this situation? First he demanded Republicans cave to his conditions of his mad spending is off-limits. When that failed, he tried the tactic he used against Bibi Netanyahu by storming out of a meeting with Rep. Cantor and others. So as we cruise to the first week of August when this nation is supposed to collide bloodily with its debt ceiling, Obama does things that further exacerbate how out of touch he is with a thing called reality and voter opinion.

First he is giving $900million of our tax money to Hamas in Gaza. The Hamas that just fired more rockets into Israel from Gaza. Next he is going to throw a birthday party for himself that will cost $35,800 per ticket. His birthday happens at the same time as the country hits the debt limit. They say timing is everything, in this case Obama's clock is way off as he watches the light reflect off the chandeliers and mirrors of Versailles.


Ed Rasimus said...

What would cause you to wonder is what is the intellectual level of someone who has $38,500/person to spend on dinner with the guy who wants to tax and spend the people of your wealth into extinction.

There can be no greater example of the mind-set of the "progressive".

Anna said...

wv - 'ounce'

Sums up what those willing to pay to attend Obama's birthday soiree lack - they lack even an ounce of common sense.