Monday, June 06, 2011

Yazoo City Dog Story

For many people in Yazoo City, MS the big story is the flooding. The farmers had been looking for a big year after the disappointing previous year. All the fields were ready and then the floods came dashing their hopes. The waters are now receding but things are still grim.

While the flooding is happening, all is not well in Yazoo City political circles. In fact the city may have their own Michael Vick in their midst. Rumors are floating around town of a police officer arresting an alderman at an illegal dog fight. The rumor also says the police officer was fired the next day. And the local newspaper is silent on this matter.


AndyJ said...

It's amazing that we are not hearing ANYTHING about the floods up here. For all that we know, they never happened, or they have receded and everything is OK now. We have been having some pretty wicked wind storms go through northern Indiana. I was up in Lowell, Indiana 2 weeks ago on Sunday to go to a gun show with my brother a fast 15-20 minute storm blew through and when the rains stopped he took me back to his house and my truck. Trees were down everywhere blocking many of the side streets and blown over on houses. It took us about a half an hour to clear the street so that we could get in. He called yesterday and said that the same thing happened this Sunday and there were more trees blown over. He said that all he could hear is chain saws all around the town all day. Well, at least there will be a good supply of firewood for this winter.

Anna said...

It does seem the media has deemed all the floods and brushfires are not newsworthy. Meanwhile real people in real places are suffering.

Tornadoes get some airplay, but then the political hacks have to push their petty religion of AGW.

The flood waters are ruining fields, levees are breached, and river traffic is impacted because of the high water. Meanwhile it seems more levees might be breached this summer.

Glad you and your brother made it out all right from those storms. Wow. At least people up there don't wait for the government to help them. They help themselves.

AndyJ said...

Yea, we try to help ourselves, but we don't have it anywhere as bad as you guys down south. Most of the farmers have their fields planted, the guy who has land around my property finally got his planted Saturday. From the way that the farmers around here talk, corn prices, because of the late planting and the floods down there will go way over $8.00 a bu. Better start stocking up on food now.

Anna said...

Thanks for the heads up AndyJ. $8 a bushel? And how much will get wasted to produce ethanol? And a stooge from GM wants the federal government to raise gas taxes by $1. Socialist-Progressives, wanting to kill capitalism.