Saturday, June 04, 2011


For those who are saving their pennies in this horrible economy for the next generation Corvette called the C7 two years, please think again. You may want to skip the Corvette and go directly to such as Porsche.

GM and Cheverolet are looking towards Europe for C7 styling cues. Chief among the new styling cues is a new engine. Something as hunky as a V10 perhaps? Nope. Think a baby V8 of about 3.0L stressed out to maybe 10,000 RPM to make 400HP. The current C6 has a 6.2L V8 that produces gobs of power, think over 600HP and can get 26MPG on the highway.

They are trying to expand their market share with this change of engines. I have no issue with expanding that, but GM risk alienating their current customer base when one of the anonymous insiders from GM tells the press - "target a very different sort of buyer for the next Corvette. Let’s face it, the current customer is getting old.”

Keep talking like that GM and all the current Corvette customers will buy something else like a Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 Super Snake. If you have no returning loyal customers and the rice racer tweakers/Euro racer fans dont switch to the new C7, the C7 will be a giant fiasco which will generate lots of negative press and thereby adversely impacting GM in general.


Six said...

I'm selling my Vette. I am so done with GM.

Legion said...

I loved Vettes- would then just get a classic model when I win the lotto. But right now- trying to get food on the table. That hope and changey sheat ain't doing so good for me. Knew it wouldn't- warned as many as I could- not enough.

AndyJ said...

The last GOOD Vette that they made was 1958, after that, straight downhill

Ed Rasimus said...

Years ago, enroute to an assignment in Europe and the glorious life on the autobahnen, I considered trading my 455 cubic inch Buick Wildcat convertible for a Corvette. Had never really shopped one before.

At the dealers I opened the door and sat in it surrounded by ill-fitted plastic and looked at the dealer and said, "it's a Chevy."

He replied, "yes sir, it certainly is!"

My answer was, "I didn't mean that in a good way." I never considered one again. There is a lot of performance to be had for an equivalent amount of money and you get quality as an add-on to the bargain.

Anna said...

Six, put the Vette in the garage under a tarp. Crank it up once in awhile. Then tell the grandkids there used to be a sportscar calledd the Corvette.

Legios, yeah these are hard times. Even the 'low-end' Camaro is an overweight pricey beast. GM better face the fact only rich Americans can afford a Vette and not offend them by making a Ricer out of it.

AndyJ. 1958 was the first year where the car got actual power IIRC. The 63 was pretty spiffy in my opinion.

Ed, I had to consult Wiki to find out what a Wildcat was. Good gosh what a powerful beast. I bet at least 10 Tesla or SmartCars could be made from one Wildcat. For the price of a C6 Z01 can get a pretty peppy Porsche 911. And if they do neuter some C7s with that 3.0L, Porsche will probably send a thank-you note to GM. And so will Ford SVT and Shelby.

kbdabear said...

Anna, supposedly the new powerplant will be a 5.5 L V8 putting out 440 hp. It was supposed to be in the C7 now, but for now they're staying with the 6.2 - not a great omen when a new engine is delayed after spending 5 years developing it

Anna said...

It bodes ill when the powerplant is having teething issues. The C7 may become a great car because they left the 6.2L in. Not due to planning but because of failure.

Some epitaph.