Friday, June 03, 2011

Weiner's Angry Inch

I think I have stumbled across a possible explanation to this very vexing mystery. From the list of followers that Weiner has collected on Tweeter, all seemingly in their 20s, female, and very fetching; this theory makes sense, in an admittedly twisted way. Please bear with me as lay this theory out. What if Weiner has all his life been sadly under-endowed and has taken other means to compensate. Did he shudder at the concept of hydraulic magic being performed on his soldier so he sought other means? Did he in fact hire a wiener-double and a picture of that double is what was sent to his feminine followers? Perhaps the Tweet from Friday was in fact an act of revenge from the double, that it was tired of being taken for granted? It wanted to see Weiner shrink from the media spotlight he usually revels in maybe?

So if you do see something inching along giving Kung-fu chops in public or shady areas, call the police quickly. Help Rep. Anthony Weiner find his wiener-double before anyone else is harmed by it. Do your civic duty please.

Laugh if you want at the above speculation, but dear readers ask yourself one question. Is this anymore outrageous than what we have already seen? That Anthony Weiner refuses to say ‘No, that is not my wiener’ to reporters. Not in the least.


AndyJ said...

You are soooooo mean. Cut the poor man some slack. I mean, how many times have we Twittered or e-mailed pictures of our privates across the country? Isn't that something that every NORMAL person does? Actually I feel more sorry for his new wife. She has to live with that piece of trash

Ed Rasimus said...

You don't seem to recognize that Congressman Weiner was simply displaying solidarity with the folks of San Francisco resisting the anti-circumcision ordinance.

And AndyJ, please don't reference "cutting some slack" in conversation about such things!

Anna said...

Well Beyond Re-Animator is a horror movie. By now Weiner should be thinking his life is a horrow movie. I think of this as karmic since he has been an over-pretentious drama queen always screaming at Republicans. He is a twit who Tweeted on junk he still has no knowledge of.

Don't feel too sorry for Huma. She worked for Hillary Clinton, a woman who had to deal with 'bimbo eruptions' due to BillyJeff. So she knew the risks and alas Weiner has turned out to be a worse cad than Bill Clinton.

Ed, LOL! If he wanted to show solidarity with that crowd, then we would have been exposed to something more graphic. Distinguishing markings might have been seen, fingering Weiner as the dictwitter.

Cutting some slack, yeah too many Lorena Bobbit jokes have already been posted. And don't seem to being slacking off.

Legion said...

They just had that sham election in NY District 6 for the Republican Congressman who had to resign for sending a picture of him shirtless. Weinee must resign and Republicans need to win his District right back! Payback you loud mouthed jerk! NO slack for this POS.

Rose said...

The man is such a laughingstock he cannot be effective - he must resign... the "My Dick in a Tweet" vid is all you are ever going to think of when you see him.

Anna said...

Legios and Rose, at this point Anthony is Dead Weiner Whining. More and more damaging stuff is coming out on the guy. Either he fesses up and hopes his voters forget by next year, or he rides it down in flames. Either way I think his deusions of being next mayor of New York City are dead.