Saturday, June 04, 2011

Apollo Reflections

Apollo 11 sees the full Earth. Photo - NASA.

If you want a cool documentary about the Apollo Moon astronauts then find The Wonder of it All. They interview Gene Cernan, Alan Bean, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, Ed Mitchell, John Young, and Dr. Harrison Schmidt. These guys still amaze me and I still learn new things about the missions and especially the people.

Alan Bean talks of his space art and even discussing a Moon landing doubter. John Young relates how his wife told him he had 1 chance in 5 of coming home from the Moon but he did not remember her saying that before the mission; then he talks of his work on the Shuttle. Buzz Aldrin threw the curve ball in these interviews. He talks of the Apollo 11 astronauts receiving an award from Marquette just after returning from the Moon and anti-Vietnam protesters waving a North Vietnam flag threw eggs at them.

I will end this brief post with words from John Young, "Why do people explore? For the long term survival of people."

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